About MaxFitness


Max Fitness & Wellness is a brand with an innovative vision on Fitness and wellness services in Galati. With over 20 activities and unique fitness programs, within which all meet international standards.

At the start of the project were involved in fitness consulting specialists, who have managed to implement MaxFitness new trends in fitness. The idea was combining rational priority of business life, active rest and physical improvement.

Today MaxFitness – owns the best equipment and services in Galati Fitness. Here everything is thought a good state of vitality and recovery, multiple types workout that offers over 20 programs for maintenance, depending on the particularities of age, sex, type somatic and not least your preferences.

unnamed (1)unnamedMax Fitness Centers (Cosbuc and Balcescu) provides access to gyms, aerobics, Spinning and relaxation, providing its members the newest and most modern services on the market. Thus Max Fitness is where it is found health through exercise.

Max Fitness & Wellness means

– Equipment and accessories brands
– Qualified personal trainers
– Classes and facilities of the highest level of performance
– Solar Ergoline
– Red Cedar Wood Sauna with aromatherapy and chromo therapy
– Relaxation massage, anti-cellulite and sports